Espiga is the name of a street in the center of Milan which breathes fashion, elegance and avant-garde. This is exactly what I felt when I walked through it for the first time and told myself that if I ever created a brand, I would name it after this. 

Espiga is born from my passion for fabrics. I still remember that as a child, my mother and I used to go to Barcelona to buy new fabrics and the seamstress would sew us new dresses every season. It was like a ritual, it fascinated me.

I spend the summers by the sea, on the Costa Brava, enjoying family and friends. These are the wonderful moments that are part of my story, that have inspired me to create the first collection of bags.

We select fabrics and components of the highest quality from Spanish and other European suppliers, and we make each creation by hand, taking care of every detail. 

The artisans who help us are local and work very close to us. We look towards the future while empowering the most traditional aspects of sewing, producing honestly and consciously to minimize the impact on our environment. 

We hope you enjoy our creations in your special moments as much as we have enjoyed creating them.